Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, to those of you bieber fans, as you ll know, Ms. Mariah Yeater has porclaim our ruler Justin "King Of Beliebers" Bieber, the father of her four month old son Tristan Yeater. Now as I've learned, Ms Yeater Dropped the Paternity Suit against Bieber, and her lawyers quit and have decided to sue her and her new lawyers for false accusations. I personally, never believed the Bitch! *Excuse my french* You had A sexual encouter for 30 seconds? Really? Its Bieber we are talking about.. Should've lasted an hour or mayber three. I Never believed her because she claimed her ex boyfriend was the father and smashed his belongings when he did a paternity test that said he wasnt. For those who dont know Mariah Yeater, she is a weed loving, crack smoking, in need of A G- building nurse woman. Dont believe me? check out her pics and also this funny video of Justins Paternity test <33

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being In Love

I've herd many people say that they are "in love" . Do you really know what that means? Dont get me wrong. I know the definition of love, but whats the real purpose? These Days love is really hard to find. They are usually covered with lies and decite. Being a teen and "in love" isnt always what its cracked out to be. I mean if you have true found that person you want to grow old with, then there you have it. But dont say you're in love, if you know that you're not into it. It is better to be honest with yourself than to let  lie build up until there is no way out. Think about your status quo in your relationship..... is it real love or no?